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The coordinates are:
Latitude: 36 ° 48'31 .12 "N
Longitude: 21 ° 48'32 .70 "E

Finikounda can be accessed by road and air.

By road from Patras (about 220 km) through the route Patras-Pyrgos-Kyparissias- Pylos-Methonis which is mostly coastal.
From Athens (295 km) via National Road Athens-Korinthos-Tripoli-Megalopolis, Kalamata.

By bus, daily, from Athens to Kalamata.
More information about bus schedule can be requested at the following numbers of Messinia Bus: 27210 28581

* All roads are for the most part motorways, except the route from Kalamata to Pylos-Finikounda which are normal asphalt.

By plane
By plane Kalamata connected the summer months with Athens and Thessaloniki and other cities of Europe with direct approaches. Details.: Phone 801 801 01 01 from a landline or 210 35 50 500 Mobile or www.olympicair.com